Thanksgiving in the Lakes Region: Gather Round the dining table and the billiard table

Thanksgiving in the New Hampshire Lakes Region: There’s no place like home for the holidays. CNN tells us that 36 million of us will travel 50 or more miles from home during next week’s Thanksgiving holiday. Family members drive from all over the country to return home to the Lakes Region. If you lived here, you’d be here by now…

Of course the center piece of the holiday is dinner (and football, for some). From baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows to organic free-range turkeys, from parades to wish-bone wishes, traditions and tastes run the gamut. But the gathering place remains pretty consistent in the Lakes Region: the dining room is where the main event is staged. Here are two of my favorite dining rooms among my property listings:

This Moultonborough dining room is the most heavily trafficked room in the quintessential lake house…the ideal location for Thanksgiving dinner. The house has westerly views which include the Loon Sanctuary.
This Wolfeboro dining room is lovely, and a bit more formal than  the Moultonborough dining room. The home is another terrific lake house. This time on South Wolfeboro Bay, with excellent southern exposure and gorgeous views.

For those of us who love to cook, the fun is preparing the Thanksgiving meal and the worry of hosting friends and family starts after dinner: what to do with a house full of guests in potentially inclement weather. This is where billiards comes into play.

Billiards finds its origins in croquet; croquet finds its origins in the games Attila the Hun played with the severed heads of his conquered enemies. In light of the family-oriented character of Thanksgiving and the sometimes delicate nature of family reunions, let’s stick with billiards.

The dining rooms listed above come with wonderful billiard rooms, hence their presence in this post. Here are the billiard rooms:

This billiard room is part of the Moutonbourough lake house listed above.

This is the billiard room in the Wolfeboro lake house pictured above.

After billiards, you might consider the following Lakes Region Thanksgiving events:

Lake Sunapee 5K Turkey Trot – 11/25, Lake Sunapee Harbor
Lakes Region Holiday Craft Fair - 11/26-27, Opechee Conference Center, 62 Doris Ray Court, Laconia
Fiddlehead Farms Wine Tasting
– every Friday evening 4:00-6:00 in Alton
18th Annual Loon Center Holiday Open House – 11/27 – Moultonborough NH

Happy Thanksgiving!

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